CD/DVD SpeedTools
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CD/DVD SpeedTools from Intech Software is the most universal and highest-performing SCSI and ATAPI CD/DVD driver software ever developed for the Macintosh. SpeedTools provides powerful features for accelerating data access, monitoring CD/DVD cache performance and even playing and extracting music from standard audio CDs.

The secret behind CD/DVD SpeedTools' lightning-fast data acceleration is our intelligent and fully automated caching technology. This unique multi-stage caching has been precision tuned to near perfection and is the result of years of development effort. Our driver employs multiple data caches that will raise your CD/DVD drive's performance to the maximum exent possible -- all without setting up or configuring those frustrating cache templates!

The CD/DVD SpeedTools elegant and feature-rich Audio Player software lets you listen to your favorite music CDs in full digital stereo sound,
extract and save CD-quality audio tracks to your hard disk and even play and control multiple audio CD's at the same time. While you use its extensive audio controls and view its stunning 24-bit color graphics, you'll feel like you're in front of your high-fidelity home stereo system.

So, whether you're looking for super-sonic CD and DVD performance, exceptionally smooth multimedia playback or an easy to use universal CD/DVD driver that delivers unmatched compatibility with more hardware & software than any other package -- look no more...
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[CD/DVD SpeedTools Features]
Accelerates CD and DVD reading performance.
Automatic setup and configuration.
PhotoCD™ and multisession compatible.
Monitor and Tune Cache performance.
Mounts Adaptec's DirectCD™ UDF sessions.
Supports all popular SCSI and ATAPI CD and DVD
drives and formats.
Connectix Virtual PC™ Compatible.
Connectix Virtual Game Station™ Compatible.
Compatible with Roxio's Toast.
Get Free Updates for Life! (via download).
Enhanced Audio Support:
Save standard Audio CD tracks to your hard disk.
Includes customizable Audio CD Player software.
Extract Audio tracks from "Enhanced CD" formats.
Supports audio playback through Apple's CD player &
most third party audio players and control stripts.
Supports audio playback through Apple's iTunes
and most other MP3 players.
Virtually eliminates Toast™ -50 & -17 errors.
Supports Apple's new CD-DA Technology
see: Apple Tech Note 1187.
Switch between CD-DA or Analog audio playback.
Enhanced DVD and MultiMedia Support:
Complete DVD-RAM read/write support.
Optimized for QuickTime™ multimedia applications.
Fully Video CD compatible (Apple's driver is not).
Additional Features:
Provides ability to load a driver after boot time.
Provides custom CD/DVD eject options.
Control ISO/HFS/Audio session mounting on the fly.
Full caching ability with HFS Plus Volumes.
[System Requirements]
System 7.0 through MacOS 9.2.2
2.5 MB of available RAM (4 MB recommended)
Macintosh Plus or later model
[Compatibility Information]
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